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Volunteer Program

Synergy Hospice Care

Hospice was born from volunteers dedicating their time to helping others navigate the end of life. Volunteers continue to be a vital component of hospice care. Synergy Hospice Care volunteer program consists of people from all walks of life sharing their mutual desire to make a difference by serving their community. Working as a vital member of our team, not only are our volunteers making a difference in our patient’s lives, but in their own as well. Our program consists of the following volunteer opportunities:

  • Provide emotional support for patients, family, and friends

  • Spend time holding a hand, talking, and listening

  • Provide caregivers a break

  • Run errands

  • Work on special projects with patients

  • Help with fundraisers, community activities, and special events

  • Office support

How do I become a volunteer?

After an initial interview with our Volunteer Coordinator, our volunteers will receive an orientation and regular trainings that will help create an overall positive and enlightening experience during their time with Synergy Hospice Care.

Our volunteers are equal members working within our interdisciplinary team approach in which we work together to ensure that our patient’s dignity and wellbeing is our main goal of care. Please feel free to download our FAQ sheets to learn more about the details of being a volunteer. You may also contact us at (818) 839-3000 or email us at

To help expedite the initial process, please fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire with your information and our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you shortly.

*Disclaimer: We understand that volunteers come to our agency for various reasons. For those that have lost a loved one or have had a compassionate experience from hospice, we understand that having a loved one depart from us is never an easy experience. We do recommend to wait at least a year after your loved one has passed on before volunteering as the grieving process is much more prevalent during that first year. It could make it harder for a volunteer to navigate their own emotions of grief if taking on too much right away.

Volunteer Questionnaire

Please fill out the form with your information and send it to

Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you shortly.

Frequently Asked Volunteer Questions
Interested in Volunteering

Q: In what ways can I volunteer?

A: There are numerous way one can volunteer. These include direct care (may include providing emotional support for the patient, family, and friends, companionship, art activities, and more) and indirect care (clerical work, assisting with fundraisers and community events, etc.)

Q: What training is involved?

A: Our agency will provide an orientation that goes over protocol, expectations, and an overview of what hospice is along with an introduction to frequent hospice patient issues. We also offer ongoing educational opportunities throughout the year.

Q: How old do I have to be to volunteer?

A: Volunteers must be at least 18 years old when working directly with our patients. Underage volunteers may assist in clerical and community events with a minimum age of 16 years.

Q: Do I need previous experience volunteering with hospice?

A: No previous experience necessary, and we will provide training and ongoing support to help you succeed.

Q: What requirements will be asked of volunteers?

A: Volunteers will be asked to pass a background check, receive a CPR certification, and an orientation that includes the hospice philosophy, working within an interdisciplinary team and documentation for visits.

Volunteering with the Patient

Q: How are patients assigned to volunteers?

A: The Volunteer Coordinator will assign the volunteer a patient based off similar interests, location, and how many patients a volunteer would like to work with.

Q: When do volunteers contact the patient?

A: After a patient has been assigned, the Volunteer Coordinator will instruct who to contact to schedule a visit. Volunteer may reach out via phone to see when the best time to visit.

Q: How often should I visit my assigned patient?

A: The Volunteer Coordinator will assign the frequency of volunteer visits based off the patient, family, and friend needs and wants. Frequency of visits will be reassessed every recertification period.

Q: Do I receive reimbursements of any kind?
We do provide mileage reimbursement when volunteers drive their own vehicles to visit their patient.

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